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Crypto Domain Names

We have a portfolio of crypto and blockchain domain names for sale on MinerBrand. Many of these names are selling quickly. Crypto domain names are in high demand, as the race is on to secure the best names for crypto and blockchain companies while prices are still reasonable.

A good crypto name lends instant credibility to a blockchain startup. Our names are priced reasonably, as many blockchain and crypto names are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. recently sold for $12 million or more.

To view our names, visit MinerBrand. You can also view our portfolios on BrandBucket and Brandpa here:

MinerBrand on BrandBucket

MinerBrand on Brandpa

Check back often to find new names, as our portfolio of premium names changes frequently.

Our Budget Blockchain Domain Name Marketplace

You know about our premium domain name marketplace. Everyday (literally) we get inquiries regarding our premium names due to the value of the names and the reasonable prices we have them listed for.

While we can list thousands of reasons why investing in a domain name is one of the best uses of marketing funds for any startup – beating Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google ads by a long shot – we do understand that many startups have a very limited budget but still would like a decent name. Many startups also do not adequately appreciate the value of a domain name – a sub-optimal name turns off potential clients, customers, and partners.

In reality, even spending tens of thousands of dollars or more on a domain name is a very tiny investment considering the return and authority conveyed by a good name. A good domain name is literally free perpetual advertising. In addition, starting up using one name in the hopes you can upgrade later usually ends up costing a company far more in the long run, in time, lost prior marketing dollars, additional expenses of switching the name and associated branding, and real dollars because the premium name will likely end up being far more costly to buy later than it would have been initially.

Nevertheless, in addition to our main premium marketplace, we also have a budget marketplace on Undeveloped – and we have some great names on that marketplace as well – names like,,, and many others listed at budget-friendly prices.

Check out our budget marketplace here: Blockchain Domain Names Budget Marketplace. And, of course, our premium marketplace here: MinerBrand.

Some Recent Crypto and Blockchain Domain Sales

Crypto and blockchain domain names continue to get bought up by established companies and crypto startups. The land rush is on to secure the best names for the coming decades.

Below is just a small sample of recent reported sales of crypto and blockchain domain names (all figures in U.S. dollars). (There are lots of other names not listed here that were sold for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars and more over the last year): $12,000,000 in July 2018 in July 2018 – exact figure not disclosed, but was in the millions of USD (up to $9,999,999) $34,888 in June 2018 $85,000 in March 2018 $500,000 in February 2018 $20,000 in January 2018 $15,750 in January 2018 $195,000 in January 2018 $1,000,000 in 2018 $65,000 in 2018 $99,888 in December 2017 $2,000,000 in October 2017 $50,536 in August 2017 $48,888 in July 2017 $125,000 in April 2017 $250,000 in February 2014

This is just a small sample of the five, six, and seven figure USD crypto and domain name sales in the recent past.

To view our portfolio, visit

Recent Additions to Our Premium Crypto Domain Name Portfolio

We’ve added quite a few new names to our premium crypto domain name portfolio. Unlike other marketplaces, we keep our prices reasonable and, in many cases, underprice them considerably compared to what comparable domain names have sold for recently.

Some of our recent crypto domain name additions include:


…and many others. Our premium names get scooped up quickly by major crypto and blockchain companies.

Get in touch with us with any questions at

The Block Labs Blog

We are excited to get things underway at Block Labs. As many of you know, we are doing some exciting things with blockchain and crypto technology.

Our first venture is well underway and about to launch at

We also have released our portfolio of premium blockchain, bitcoin, and crypto domain names to the public. Crypto domains are on fire, and our names are priced to sell quickly to companies in the space. You can view our portfolio on Undeveloped here: Blockchain Domain Names.

We have many exciting things in the works and will keep this blog updated with developments at Block Labs.